control of playback levels

I’ll ask for forgiveness in advance if I’m missing something obvious - I’m editing up to 16 tracks of wav files recorded on two Zoom R16’s (linked via USB) and imported into Audacity. It seems as if sometimes I can control audio playback levels using the sliding fader in each audio track, and sometime I can’t. Answers, thoughts, suggestions?

Perhaps you could fill in the information from the pink panel at the top of the page.

However if you are on an underpowered machine, 16 tracks is a lot. Playback may be unresponsive, especially if the sample rate of the tracks does not match with the project rate bottom left. What are your machine specifications? How long are the tracks?


Windows 10 (HP s5510y with AMD Athlon 11 processor, 2.8GHz), Audacity 2.1.2. Currently 3 gig of RAM, but I’m going to upgrade to 4 gig, which is the maximum for this machine. I have no idea if I used an .exe installer or a zip file, that was a long time ago (a couple of months, I think).

I have determined that the change occurs when I click on the overall playback volume slider (upper right corner). I have verified this repeatedly. When I click on the overall playback volume slider the playback volume jumps up and the slider no longer has any effect, nor do the playback volume sliders on the individual tracks. Very strange.