Control B dynamically updated by Control A input


I am looking for ways to achieve the following:

Use the current input value of a specific control to dynamically update the value of a different control/field.

If this cannot be done without executing/running the script is it possible to accomplish something similar to a parameter
“refresh” that does not close the gui or apply the final script as in “preview”?

For example:

If the current value for the frequency of a tone is 60 in control 1,

and I need to see what that value times 25% subtracted from 60 is in control 2, (which would be 45)

where the value of control 1 would be called generate a 60hz tone in the right stereo channel

and the value of control 1 would be called to generate a 45hz tone in the left stereo channel

This is a simple random scenario. I hope it paints a clear picture.

Any thoughts?

I am afraid, that this is not possible.
The GUI is a Independent module.
Code is only executed after the closing of the Dialog box.

The “value” of control B can be changed by control A, for example:

;control Aval "Control A" real "" 50 0 100
;control Bval "Control B" real "" 50 0 100

(setq Bval (* (/ Aval 100.0) Bval)))

but that will not be reflected in the interface. As Robert wrote the Nyquist code does not run until you hit the OK or Debug button.