control audacity simultaneously on 2 or more computers

using dream studio 12.04.1 amd64 (based on ubuntu 12.04.1 with specialized ppas)
audacity from the ppas

this may have been answered but i cannot find it
multi-track recorder using “cloud” so to speak
can harness currently up to 5 machines for this

want to be able to use one audacity interface to record individual “line in”
on each computer to capture “live” performance components to
individual tracks. for example vocal, acoustic mike, electric guitar, electric bass and
a mixed down drum kit.
each recorded track can then be moved or copied to one computer to
allow greater mixing control and/or editing

any help / advice appreciated

for example vocal, acoustic mike, electric guitar, electric bass and
a mixed down drum kit.

Where are the instruments? Same room?

Much more detail is required. It is not at all clear what your current set-up is. Does this involve Audacity?

Controlling multiple independent machines without special provisions is always going to lead to timing issues. No two machine’s internal clocks or sound card clocks run at the same rate and they will all drift off from one other.

If they’re all in the same room, then it’s far preferable to do a multi-track recording rather than try to sync multiple computers. In addition, if you’re trying to cut corners and use the internal sound cards, most of them are OK for ratty Skype calls and not much else.

If you’re not all in the same place, how are you going to stay in sync in real time? Cellphone?


live - same room
sound quality hasn’t been an issue so far (but may well be i will test that)
“works” manually just want to push/click one freakin button instead of 4 or 5
all machines gb lan

i think i have figured out a script to send the commands to start and stop
outside of audacity itself but i have yet to test it
i’ll let you know how it goes
(it might be a couple of weeks i am kinda slow)

your thoughts have been echoed by others lol.
most say i will not be happy with quality when i am done.
ah for the old 4 track lol

this has been recommended to me - i am still researching -
M-Audio Delta 1010LT
but will probably go this route
thanks for your help