Continuous pauses when playing the mix

Hello everyone.

I hope this is the right place for this message.
Using the new version of Audacity (3.3.3) I am experiencing annoying pauses when playing the mix, which I had not experienced with previous versions.
Even if I only have the Audacity program active on my laptop (a good one, HP Envy, Intel(R) Core™ i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.59 GHz, RAM - 8.00 GB), Audacity stops and continues again many times, which delays whatever editing you’re doing.
Any hint or key to solve the problem?
I’m already thinking about uninstalling it and going back to a previous version, in case it doesn’t work out.

Greetings and thank you,

PS: I’m an user of Audacity since 2006 and I think it’s great.

I have occasionally seen this problem in Audacity 3.3.2, (on W8).
The pauses seem to be equally spaced : every few seconds, (chunks ?).

Thanks for your comment.
Maybe, though I observe the pauses and each time happens -apparently- in a random way, more than anything. My laptop has Windows 10. Would you recomend to install a previous Audacity version more reliable or stable? And if so, what version would it be.

I have two versions of Audacity on my W8 machine,
each unzipped into its own folder to keep them separate: 2.3.2, & 3.3.2 .
The latter just for occasional VST3 plugin use.
Old Audacity versions download #

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Thank you very much, Trebor.


Yes, sometimes every few seconds, other times less pauses. I also noticed that, after certain time of use, the pauses tend to cease. Maybe it is cold at first, needing a warm-up time, like cars or horses, OMG. :smile:

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