Continue recording from a specific track

Hi everyone.
I have a few tracks, whenever i press record, it starts to record from the end of the first track.
No matter what i try (i’m trying to continue recording from a specific section of one of the other tracks), it only starts recording from the end of the first!
The only thing that works is pressing shift +R, but i don’t want to make new tracks!
Thank you in advance,
Frustrated new user.

Set your cursor at the time position you want to start recording (click in any of the tracks at that time) and then press Shift + Record of Shift + R


Shift + record opens a new track. I want to continue an existing one.

Click on the track that you want to record to, and press “R” (or click the Record button).
Note that the “number of channels” selected in the “Device toolbar” should match the number of channels in the selected track.