Context menu opens lower then cursor click

Windows 7 64-bit - Audacity 2.2.0-beta-Sep 1 2017 - .exe-installer - Windows classic theme

If i right click the timeline or whatever its called i see a context menu with “Disable Quick-Play” etc.
But if i right click at the very left where i would normally be able to drag the tool bar (or on the pin icon) the context menu for some reason opens at a much lower position. Like 100 pixels lower then where i clicked.
If i right click the scrub ruller when there is no track i get that same context menu.
But if i right click the scrub ruller where there is a track (record something and stop) then i get another context menu with “Scrub”, “Seek”, “Scrub Ruller”.

Ooh, so it does - I’m not sure it’s supposed to do that :confused:

That’s because it is what as know as “context dependent” - the additional dropdown menu items only apply to audio tracks - so wjen no audio track you get no extra menu items.


Why not merge the two menus into just one menu?
Also the bottom menu item in both menu does the same (toggle scrub ruler) but use different strings.
For some reason one menu use enable/disable in the string but the other menu uses check marks to show whats on/off.

The Scrub and Seek could just be grayed out/disabled when no audio is present.

The worst thing is properly that as a user i have no idea about the menu because if you have once right clicked the scrub ruler and seen the big menu you/i dont expect is to change into another kind of menu when audio is present. How would the user ever know that?
And also the area (height) of where you can click is so small like 12 pixels.
It just seem to hidden/secret.
And on top of the the scrub ruler is hidden by default.