Contents of track shifted, but not cuts

I don’t even know when this happened, but some time between editing a project and exporting it, somehow all the contents of a track shifted forwards (towards the start). For example, the screenshot shows the claps that we use for syncing tracks. However, all the cuts have remained (you can see that the cuts in the middle track are in sync with other tracks, but one of the claps is gone), which means it’s not just a matter of moving everything backwards. I’d have to readjust the start and end of every single clip and then move them into place. Currently, lots of clips in the track cut off halfway through speech, because the cuts aren’t where they should be (in relation to the content).

This is the most bizarre bug I’ve ever had, and I can’t even tell how or when it happened. Any ideas?

Well, it’s too bad Audacity doesn’t have Revision History that auto saves work in projects. That would fix this issue straight away I’d think.
Your best bet is to do micro saving of content manually. Perhaps disable the setting in audacity preferences editing a clip can move other clips.
It’s also possible you accidentally selected more than one clip when moving everything which brought it out of alignment. The undo feature should fix this if the project saves snapshots of how it appeared before.

This happened to me, I think it’s the automatic tempo detection bugging out.
Every time I open an already recorded file it messes it up permanently.
I cannot fix this.