Constant ticking throughout my recordings

When I playback my recordings there is a constant ticking sound throughout my recordings. I’ve tried several sample rates and continue to get the ticking. Is there a way to removed the ticking? Could it be because of the quality of the microphone?

Probably not the microphone. Is it USB? Did you connect the microphone through a USB hub? Can you tell if the ticks happen in the same place every time you play the work?



No, the clicking that I hear is nothing like the sample that you wanted me to listen to. Also, the microphone is built in to an HP video conferencing camera and plugged directly into a USB port.

I’ve attached an mp3 sample file so that you will have a better idea of the issue that I am having. The aup file has the same clicking.

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It looks like something is interrupting the USB device at very regular intervals, (every 0.103sec) …
clicks are reqularly spaced pulses.gif
So doesn’t look like an Audacity thing, more-like an Operating System / Driver issue.
You could check whether newer driver software is available for your USB device.

NB: check all your computer’s driver software is up-to-date, even if one is out-of-date it can upset the functioning of the others , e.g. I had a similar problem : regular audio clicks , although 30seconds apart rather than 1/10th of a second apart , which was cured by installing different Wi-Fi driver software .

The clicking in the recording is fixable with other $oftware

but better result if you can prevent the clicking on the first place.

Audacity’s Click Removal would do a good job if it only had the background noise and the clicks to deal with, but it barely touches the clicks when the voice is there as well.


Yes, but Trebor’s example just shows how truly excellent Brian’s ClickRepair software is :sunglasses:

Brian has the advantage of writing a piece of highly focussed software to tackle one particular task only :nerd:


That’s no good reason not to improve our click removal though, or make Repair work on decent sized selections.


+1 for both of those from me :nerd:

The problems that I am having is with a continuous “clicking” throughout the recording. I am using USB and am trying to clean-up and save analog recordings to MP3. The signal is fed from the analog device to the computer via USB and I am monitoring through the internal headphone jack. While recording there are no clicks. After recording to Audacity and playback of the digital file is when I hear the clicks, and they are very pronounced. I have tried various sampling rates with no apparent effect. I’m not sure so much that it is the USB input as I don’t hear any clicks during the recording, only after during playback.

If you only hear them on playback the clicks could be skipping , try increasing the OS priority of Audacity.