Constant Static with Mic

I’m new to Audacity but I couldn’t find this question answered in the forum. My first several times recording voice with a mic, it was perfect. Now, for no apparent reason, I have constant feedback-only with the microphone function. I didn’t change any settings. One day it was good and the next was static. My mic isn’t a great one, but when I use it for other programs, I have no problems with it at all. I’m using Audacity 1.3 Beta.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

It’s them darned PC Pixies again :smiley:

Let me guess - you are using Windows XP?

Go into the Windows Mixer (loudspeaker icon near the system clock) and check the settings for both Recording and Playback.

Also, in Audacity, go to “Edit > Preferences > Audio I/O” and make sure that “software playthrough” is not selected.

Thanks for the reply, but I still get the feedback.

Yes, I have window’s xp.

Under “volume control”, my microphone function is muted. If I unmute it, I hear feedback. I have clicked “microphone” in both playback and recording. Initially, it was not checked in “playback”, but is now.

In Audacity, the software playthrough box is not checked, as you said it should not be.

Do you have any other suggestions on how I can get rid of the feedback with the mic?

Thanks for the help.