Constant Noise in Right Channel/Track

Good Day,
I have a Mac G4 without an intel processor. I am running OS X v 10.5.8. I updated Audacity to 2.0.3 from 2.0.1. I then began having a constant drum roll like noise in the right channel/track. I went back to 2.0.1 and the sound was also there. I went all the way down to version 1.2.6 and then I was able to record clearly. Has anybody else had this problem? Thank you.

We may do better if you tell us what you’re recording.


Sorry, I am recording vinyl. So, I have a Ion turntable hooked up to the computer. I unplugged the turntable and hit the record button and still get the noise.

Audacity doesn’t do anything to the show during recording, so the noise is coming from your machine somewhere.
Do you use SoundFlower or another software package that allows you to record internet shows?

Audacity > Preferences > Devices > Recording. What is that pointed to?