Constant Crashing

Mac Version: Catalina 10.15.6
Audacity Version: 2.4.2

I’m getting constant crashes, always associated with pushing play (both using the spacebar and clicking the button properly).

I’m doing a lot of fine tuning on a podcast with 15 tracks - I’m inserting rerecords and shifting timing constantly and fairly precisely, and so i tend to need to listen to the same 2-3 second clip multiple times. Saving sometimes mitigates it (or feels like it does) but if I’m comparing options, I can’t save when I’ve temporarily deleted something I may want to restore.

I kid you not that I’m crashing on average once every 3 times I hit play/space bar.

This happens both when I use earbuds and when I just use the computer’s microphone.

I’m getting constant crashes

You push play and Audacity vanishes?


Do you use iCloud or other on-line storage?


It crashes, yes. Closes itself, occasionally asks if I want to send an error report. Also the file isn’t in the ‘open recent’ list, but when I go to its location it’s recovered just as it was before the crash.

Do you use iCloud or other on-line storage?


I do not.

Do you have SoundFlower, BlackHole or similar installed?

Do you have your dock with the installed and/or running programs at the bottom? Does it pop up when you get close or do you leave it open?

My Mac has little black check marks under the running program some machines have lights (I don’t have Catalina). What do yours look like and how many are there?


I do, and it pops up when I get close. lights underneath. I keep 11 programs docked, usually have Preview, Audacity, and Chrome running simultaneously while I’m editing

If you’re not doing anything wrong, maybe you have help. Desktop > Go > Utilities > Activity Monitor. I keep that in my dock.

Load up a complex show and see where the resources are going. You may get some surprises. I had a licensing task get it in its mind to keep re-launching itself recursively and was taking up 99% of the machine. I guess that was to get my attention. It worked.

Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 8.03.05 AM.png
We did have one poster who complained bitterly that Audacity crashed and took his show into the mud. After careful questioning, it turned out that his shows crashed constantly and this was the first time Auto Recovery failed. It’s good you’re getting a jump on this.


I"m bumping this up again because it’s getting unreasonably bad.

I’ve reinstalled audacity. I’ve closed everything else I’m running so it’s the only thing. I’ve created smaller files to string together into a larger mp3 later. It’s getting to the point that I’m not even exaggerating, my experience of audacity is:

Open Audacity
Find a spot to start working
Hit play


Doesn’t matter if I report errors or not. Doesn’t matter if I allow Audacity to reopen or do it myself.