Consolidation/Rendering in Audacity

How do you consolidate or render all files to Zero in Audacity prior to export.

I deleted your other post about exporting files to a DAW as it appeared to be a duplicate of this question.

If your project has tracks starting before zero, you need to trim off the audio that is before zero.
It’s easiest to do this if you have the “Full” set of keyboard shortcuts enabled (see:

With the full set of shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + A (Select All)
  • Shift + Home (Select from cursor to start of track )
  • Ctrl + T (Trim)

Then, if you have any tracks with empty space at the start, you need to create some silence at the start.

  • Click somewhere in the empty space, and drag to the left to create a selection in that track all the way back to time=0
  • Generate menu > Silence
  • Repeat for each track that has leading empty space.

Now you can use “Export Multiple” (based on Tracks):