Consistent noises quite after two seconds

Windows 7 64bit Audacity 2.0.3

Hi all,

First off I’m new to recording so this is probably an easy question. I’m trying to record a consistent noise to analyse its frequencies, however when I’m recording a consistent noise Audacity quiets recording after about two seconds. The vertical bar continues to move across the screen, but the sound is no longer being recorded. If I then fluctuate the noise it begins recording again. I checked to make sure the sound activated recording is off. Any help would be appreciated.


It may look like an audio recorder, but actually your computer is a corporate communications device. One of the things communications systems have to do is recognize air conditioning and other room noises by their duration, and then cancel them out. So it’s working perfectly. It saw your noise and cancelled it out.

You can usually turn all that off in the Windows Control Panels.

If you’re in love with Skype, you may need to stop it from running in the background. Skype does it, too.