connecting two paths

After importing two songs, I can’t select one for correction, only both.

Are they two stereo tracks (two mated blue waves) one above the other?

In Audacity 2.3.2, select one track with the SELECT button on the left. The track should change color and be active. You can also use the SOLO and MUTE buttons on the left to make it so you only hear one of them at a time.

One thing to note. Audacity UNDO only works in order of application. There is no such thing as UNDO-ing just one track or the other. UNDO works in exact order of keystrokes. Again, if you make a correction to the top track and then make fifteen corrections to the bottom track, you need to back your way through all fifteen corrections to get back to the top track.

That’s one reason it’s not the best idea to try and correct, filter or effect multiple tracks at the same time.


Okay, I’m not the OP, but that helps a lot, thanks! I spent quite some time struggling with the UNDO function while working with the “trial and error” methods I usually go with… But from now on, I’ll research first, and then do stuff. Plus, working on Audacity is just a hobby, I’m always working “IRL” from home on things like investment plans for flats in Berlin, so I’ll enjoy being more productive in less time for my “fun” projects!

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