Connecting turntable to soundcard issue

I am planning to use audacity to convert my LPs to MP3s. My computer is connected to my receiver via RCA cables. To minimize noise, I have also connected a ground loop isolator to the cables between the receiver and the computer.

I am planning to connect my turntable to my computer via the “audio-in” slot on the soundcard. My question is, do I need to use a ground loop isolator between the turntable and the soundcard input, in order to minimize any noise?

Please advise, thanks!

That all depends on if you get noise without it. With my turntable, I need a wire connecting the Earths between the turntable and the phono pre-amp (you need to use a phono pre-amp unless your turntable has an inbuilt pre-amp), but I don’t need an Earthing wire to the sound card. The purpose of connecting the Earths is to eliminate “mains hum” that may be present without it. It rarely does any harm to have one if it is not required, but occasionally it can actually make the hum worse.

Yes, you totally missed a step there. Connect the receiver to the computer and that step should not need a ground isolator–especially if the computer and sound system are plugged into the same power sockets.

The turntable, if it’s a classic one, is required to be plugged into the Phono In of the receiver, or the Phono In of the special purpose phono preamplifier. The RCA cables from the turntable are not standard audio cables. Further, there is almost always a third phonograph wire–a little thin, black thing that you connect to the ground lug on the back of the receiver.

In the event you have one of the more modern phonographs, they might have electronics built-in to prepare the sound to plug right into the Line In of a computer. Consult your instructions. The key is usually whether you have that third wire or not.