Connecting Turntable to Bose Soundock 2

I am planning to buy a friend a record player which I hope they will be able to connect to a Bose Soundock.

I know that the Bose Soundock they have has an AUX (?) input (to connect things the size of a headphone jack?) but I need to know whether this turntable would work:

I’ve found out that it has a Pre-Amp and that it has line-level input, but I just wanted some reassurance it would work before I bought it!

Many thanks

This isn’t much to do with Audacity, but if the turntable outputs are definitely “RCA” line-level (not PHONO outputs) and the BOSE accepts line level input (which I presume it does as it accepts a CD player), yes.

This is on the basis of the Quickstart guide for Ion’s “Profile LP” turntable:

which includes RCA line outs (left and right). If the BOSE input is a single stereo jack, you will still need an RCA double > single stereo adaptor of the correct size and type for the BOSE.

Ion do not list “Profile Express” which you link to and I see no evidence in that advertisement that it has anything other than USB output. If so, it would not be suitable to connect to the BOSE.

Please ask the manufacturers of the products if you have more questions.