Connecting to a MacBook with no "line-in"

Ive changed computer and the new (old) MacBook is lacking a “mini-jack-in” port, which had been there on my previous Mac.
The “new” computer is a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. Can anyone advise me how to connect the turntable/ amplifier to this computer?
Mike :confused:

Assuming you don’t have one of the versions with one connection that can switch.
Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound
They did that for a while.

I use a Behringer UCA202.

The UCA222 and the UFO202 with the built-in, switchable phono preamplifier work, too.


Other people make them and you can get really fancy, but be careful not to get an adapter like the Startech ICUSBAUDIO. That claims stereo, but actually only has a mono Mic-In like a Windows laptop.