Connecting/recording with an M-audio Mobile Pre USB?

Greeting folks,

I like the Audacity software a lot and just upgraded from 1.2.4 today.

I also bought an M-audio USB interface called Mobile Pre (mobile because it’s powered by the USB cable) that has in/outs for all sorts of equipment, 1/8", 1/4", XLRs, etc. but I can’t seem to get it to play nice with Audacity. Seems my computer wants to use either the computer sound card or the Mobile Pre so if I monitor through the Mobile Pre I can’t record in Audacity since Audacity uses the sound card.

Is anyone else using a USB powered in/out (maybe even this same one) that can give me some guidance on getting it setup properly? Using kindergartner language please, I haven’t ever used a computer to create music in the past and standard track recording on an old Tascam I haven’t done in a decade! lol

My current hardware setup:
Custom Quad Core XP 32 bit , 4 G Ram, 2 500G HDs
M-audio 61 key axiom USB, M-audio Mobile Pre USB.

Audacity (of course), Absynth 4, FM8, Massive
(I am interested in getting the Garritan personal symphony is it good?)

Sounds like we’re in the same boat. My previous recording experience was on a Fostex X-15 in the 80s (I still have it, but it doesn’t work). I was writing my post while you were posting yours. If you hear or figure out anything useful, I’m at or “unclejim8” on Skype or search for my email address on facebook, or even call 2088417907.

And you upgraded to Audacity 1.3.9?
If not, then upgrade to 1.3.9.

In 1.3.9, go to the edit menu and click on Preferences. In the Devices tab, select which device you want for recording, and which for playback.
Your USB device must be connected, powered up and recognised by your operating system before you open Audacity.