Connecting Piano

I am not sure that I am using audacity 2.0 (Most likely am not) But I want to connect my piano to my pc via a cord with aux end in pc and usb end in the piano OR with another usb that has usb in pc and something else in the piano. How do I record what I play on the piano without any other audio from the outside world?

In general, when you say the words “piano” or “keyboard” and “USB” in the same sentence, that usually means MIDI or machine control, not music. The computer tells the keyboard to press middle C and hold it for three seconds.

That’s all it does. It doesn’t transfer music and whether middle C makes any sound at all is irrelevant.

Probably the easiest is to post the model number of your piano and we can take a shot at the best way to connect it. If everything fails, sometimes we can figure out a way to connect the headphone socket to the computer.

What is the real Audacity number? It’s three numbers with dots.


See the [u]Audacity FAQ[/u].

You can connect your piano’s (analog) headphone or line/aux output to (analog) line-in on your soundcard if you have a desktop/tower computer.

If you have a laptop with no line-in, you need an external USB audio interface with a line-input. The Behringer UCA202 is a popular and inexpensive interface. (The mic input can work, but you won’t get the best quality). USB interfaces usually have RCA, 1/4-inch, or XLR connections, so you need a different adapter-cable compared to what you’d use with a soundcard.

If you’re using the headphone output, it’s best to use a Y-Adapter (splitter) so you can listen to the headphones (or powered speakers) at the same time, without sending the audio through the computer and hearing the associated latency (delay).