connecting Mac to my interface

Hi all, I’m new to recording and don’t know proper terminology yet. I beg your patience. I’m trying to get the Mac to acknowledge my Focusrite interface
I’ve got my Focusrite plugged into my computer, and have Audacity 2.4.1
Green light is on, 48v red light is on the interface.
When I go to Preferences > Devices> Playback Device: My dropdown menu doesn’t acknowledge my Scarlett 2i2 interface.

I’m struggling to understand what happened because it was once all hooked into the preferences before. After a short time away from using this system, I come back on and it’s as if I never set the preferences.

I hope someone can help me please.

Linda H
A Newbee

Could this be as complicated as plug the 2i2 in first, wait a bit, and then start Audacity?

Audacity automatically checks for new connections and devices when it starts.

You can also force a search with Transport > Rescan…


I just upgraded my OS from 10.13 to 10.15 and the mic input did not work for Audacity.

After reading posts on this and learning about 10.15, I found the solution.

(1) Go to System Preferences / Security and Privacy
(2) choose Privacy in the top nav tab
(3) After making sure you have permission (unlock), click on Microphone in the left column
(4) Allow Audacity to have access.

That’s it!

I’ll give your suggestions a try, and respond with the results. Thank you!!