connecting keyboard

hello…Could I connect my Yamaha motif xs to audacity via usb???Also,does audacity even support midi? Thank in advance

Which one? Yamaha appears to make a bunch of them.

No. Audacity does not support machine control (MIDI).

You need to dig in your instructions (which I couldn’t find) and see if the audio service is available via USB. I have two Yamaha keyboards and I use splitter cables on the headphone output. The USB is MIDI-only. I’m on a Mac, so they plug straight in. If you’re on Windows, you may need an adapter.

Most people can’t use Mic-In.


As I stated in my post,MOTIF XS…Now,whats this with using a spliter on my headphones jack??? If I do that I will then be able to record my motif xs in audacity??

Also,I do have windows… Windows 8

What did the instructions say about audio appearing on the USB cable? We got burned recently when a keyboard appeared that did unlike most other keyboards that have MIDI-only.

We have a tutorial on recording a musical keyboard and any second I’m going to find it.

Both of my keyboards are missing AUX Out or Line-Out, so I split the headphone connection, one to the speaker system so I can hear it, and the other to the Line-In on my computer for recording. If your computer has no Stereo Line-In (the Windows PC Mic-In generally doesn’t work), then you have to make one with an external device such as the Behringer UCA-202.

Listening to the computer instead of the keyboard or adapter may not be the best idea. Computer headphones tend to be late (echoy) compared to the live performance and you may not be able to play like that.


A note: You should listen to the computer or make a brief sample recording to make sure the music got there. Don’t do what another poster did and record vast works – all damaged.

Ah. There it is.