Connecting Inspire 1394 Pre-Amp

I was hoping someone could give me some instructions on connecting my Inspire Preamp to Audacity, maybe I’m just blind but I’m not seeing any preference options for connecting a Preamp. I’m a novice at recording so a good amount of help would be great. With Audacity you probably cannot have multiple tracks I’m guessing? I’ve used Cakewalk-Sonar before (only because a friend let me borrow his) and I learned how to do basic digital audio recording which is basically all I want to learn how to do now.

I bought a MIDISPORT Uno USB-MIDI Interface for the instrument plugin Truepianos but my computer crashed and just recently I’ve built a new one and now I’ve got nothing so I’ve downloaded Audacity for free! Being that it is free I’m expecting it not to be able to handle something like Truepianos, am I correct?

Sorry to be so confusing :frowning:

That is a little confusing because I think you left pieces out. Or maybe that’s the actual question.

Normal MIDI instruments are in two pieces. There is a MIDI program on your computer that sends control signals to the keyboard over a MIDI interface. The keyboard makes the music by having the computer “press the keys.”

Your next job is to funnel the music – usually analog signals – from the keyboard back into the computer for recording and editing. Usually, the USB MIDI signals and the musical show are on separate cables and have nothing to do with each other. Literally. You can press the keys on the keyboard yourself and not have MIDI at all, and you can use the MIDI to play the keyboard to the audience in the room and not record a thing on the computer.

I worries me that you have a piano plugin. This suggests that the MIDI instrument is inside the computer. Computers do have MIDI interpreters inside and you can do that, but then I can’t see where your external MIDI interface comes in.



I have an 88 key Korg SP-250 and I was planning on using that as my MIDI instrument.

What I would like to learn now is how I can simply record from a microphone into Audacity 1.3(Beta). I have a Preamp interface that I would like to run through Audacity. Basically what I’m asking is how do I record digital audio with what I have?

  • Install the drivers for you preamp.
  • Connect it to your computer (firewire right?).
  • Open Audacity and go to Preferences → Devices → Recording
  • If the first two steps were successful you should have your preamp listed in the recording devices list.

If not, tell us what is your operating system, how you’re connecting the preamp to the computer and which parts work and which don’t.

It’s recognizing that the pre-amp is there and recording well, thank you very much! I have more questions but I’ll move it over to another part of the forum :stuck_out_tongue: thank you very much.