Connecting Citronic AC-1USB interface to record

Okay so I have a Citronic AC-1USB audio usb interface/soundcard to record DJ mixes from on to my iMac. I have connected from my output on the mixer to my input on the USB soundcard, then have the output on the sound card connected to my mixer. I have the output device and input device both set to my USB interface. I have my software playthrough ticked on my Audacity settings.

So I thought I had this set up right, but when playing a song on my turntable, there’s no music from anywhere. Could someone advise me where I’m going wrong with this? Just for the record I have Audacity 2.0.2

What does the Mac think? Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Sound > Input. Select the usb connection and see if the blue ball sound meter jumps. If not, then the sound is not getting between the mixer and the AC-1. I use the Tape-Out on my mixer.

Exactly which connection did you use?

You can get further into Hardware by jamming your headphones into the end of the mixer RCA cable. This will not blow your ears off, but it should be loud enough to tell there is something there. It should not be total silence.

If you do have it there, then see if Audacity is getting something. Either go into full-on record or Control-Click on the recording meters and Start Monitoring. They will wake up and bounce with your music even though you’re not making a recording. That’s good for testing which is what we’re doing.

If that succeeds, you have the show half-way.


Hi Kozikowski,

I used the master out on the mixer with , i changed the settings on the Mac as you suggested (had completely forgot about this) - the blue bar was bouncing but there was no sound coming out still. Audacity was only picking up one channel when i recorded in stereo - odd. Anyway, my more capable friend came round and has come up with a solution.

We’ve gone with the standard mixer out to the hi fi, however I didn’t even think to use the other 2 outputs on the mixer so we’ve gone with a stereo-to-phono cable to the line in on the back of my iMac. Changed the settings on Audacity to 'Built in input" and used the USB interface as out even though we have nothing going in or out of it - i think it could be the usb interface that’s messed up. Anyway, this seems to be recording fine now, I’ll just need to playback any recordings on my Mac rather than listening through my hifi which i’m okay with.

Thanks for your advice though