Connecting cables for HP Laptop

Hello. I’m about to try to transfer some music from vinyl to my HP laptop using the aux output of my receiver to the
HP. I’ have a Luxman Turntable plugged into the Rcvr. Can I simply use RCA plugs from the recvr with the other end being a min plug
that plugs into the mic port on the latop? Isnt this going to be a mismatch? The only other inputs on the HP are USB.

I’ve already talked with Monoprice, a cable supplier and there is no such combo cable with RCA to USB. Help!

Thanks in advance,


Very likely.
If the “mic” input really is a “mic” input, then definitely a bad mismatch, and probably mono to boot.

On some laptops the “mic” input is actually a dual function “mono microphone” / “stereo line level” input. IF this is the case, then you can plug in RCA plugs from the receiver, however, the sound quality may still not be very good because laptop sound cards are usually one of the cheapest components in the machine.

Alternatively, you can use an external USB sound card.
From around $35 you can get a surprisingly good device. I use a Behringer UCA 202, which is a no-bell-or-whistles stereo line in/line out with remarkably good sound. The main limitation of this model is that there is no input level control, so the recording level needs to be controlled by the receiver (can your receiver do that?)
There are many other makes/models available. Some have built in “phono” inputs for directly connecting a turntable.
Devices below $30 are likely to be rubbish :wink:

I will second Steve’s recommendation. I use a UCA-202 for digitizing my vinyl as well. As Steve says there is no input level adjustment so that could be a problem. With my rig (a Sony Receiver) the level match is just about perfect.