connected keyboard with laptop vista [SOLVED]

Dear reader, with my keyboard Technics sx-KN 1600 I would like to make recordings and with Audicity 2.0.4 to put this on my laptop Vista but now no more.
From recording to see a wave but when playing there is always an irritating to hear cracking. Now hear the example of my YouTube video:
What settings bij recording should I use on a perfect recording of Audacity to get?
I have had focusrite 2i2 interface but can’t connecting with audicity. I am waiting for your answer. Greetings, henkkeyboard

Are you connected to the laptop’s mic input? If you are making an analog connection you need a line-input. The line-level output from your keyboard is about 100 times a microphone signal and it will tend to overload a mic input.

on my laptop Vista…

… I have had focusrite 2i2 interface but can’t connecting with audicity.

Right… [u]This page[/u] says the Focusrite doesn’t work with Windows Vista. The [u]Behringer UCA202[/u] is an economical and popular interface with line-inputs.

Does your keyboard have USB? Some keyboards have USB audio and/or USB MIDI. (Audacity isn’t a MIDI program.)

Thanks for your good idea, i will buy it for a perfect music playback.
My keyboard has not an usb output.
Thx. Henk

Today i have purchased a Berhringer umc 202 but i cann’t connect that with Audicity, how can I do that? Do you know that?
I’m curious, regard, Henk

How can I connect Behringer umc 202 in the primary driver of Audicity, do you have a roadmap. I suggest your answer very much, the warmest greetings, Henk

  • Install the drivers for the device. If the documentation that you received with the device does not tell you how to install the drivers, please refer to Behringer or the supplier that you bought the device from.
  • For connection and other details, refer to the Behringer umc 202 documentation and product page.
  • Check in the Windows Sound Control Panel that the device is working and available as a playback and recording device.
  • Launch Audacity and select the device in the device toolbar.

I’m looking at the UMC202 product specifications and it seems to be a very nice Mic-Pre. I have a call into Sweetwater Sound about that “Direct Monitor” button. Depending on how they wired that, I may be able to certify another hardware device for overdubbing.

It is going to have a problem common to devices like this that a microphone is only going to appear on Left or Right. It’s not a mixer.


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Our application is called “Audacity”.

Connect the Behringer to the computer before you open Audacity. If you already have Audacity open, restart it.

Then open Device Toolbar and choose the USB Audio Codec as the recording device. Chose your computer speakers for the playback device if you still want to play audio to your computer speakers.

It should look something like this (but it may not say “microphone”):

Make sure you have set Windows to record the Behringer in stereo: Audacity Manual.


There is a chance that drivers will be ASIO only (as seems to be the case with the Behringer USB Guitar Link). If so, Audacity won’t see the device. In that case you may need to uninstall the drivers and see if it works with the basic Windows drivers.

Please let us know what happens about the drivers.


The readme file in the driver download says that it includes a WDM driver, so I would suggest: connected keyboard with laptop vista [SOLVED] - #6 by steve

Oh that’s good - but where are the drivers? I found a Behringer Forum topic where users were saying there was no driver download that worked well, only the drivers CD.

Are the drivers in the entire UCONTROL All Software (Win).zip - (437 MB) listed on ?

I know the UMC* PDF doesn’t say anything about drivers but I thought it could help users make the proper connections. I made it a separate bullet point in your post now ( connected keyboard with laptop vista [SOLVED] - #6 by steve).


They should be included with the product. Behringer products that I’ve purchased have been good about including details of necessary driver downloads/installs.
For the UMC 202, the drivers are also available by clicking on the “downloads” link from the product page on the Behringer website ( My guess is that the correct drivers are those labelled “Windows Driver 2.23.0”.

OK I missed those - too far down, given Firefox Page Down seems to jump back to the overview before I see those.

I can see those drivers if I drag the scrollbar down.


The problem is that if I want to install the driver of the behringer website, get the message: cannot open file because this file type is not supported. If the driver could be put on a pc, perhaps the problem would be less.
Already a few months I have Audacity suitable, but all of a sudden went wrong. The history do you know about purchase audio face. So now u-phoria umc 202. The seller of the company B.V. has suggested possibly with view to look in my computer to fix this. I am working on for days to get everything right. The first seventy-five video’s i make with my Sony and Panasonic camera. Making videos is my passion and I know I can make many people happy with it. I’m glad you have so much patience with me.
example of the video:

Have you extracted the EXE and TXT file from the ZIP file? If not, do that first - right-click over the zip and choose Extract All… .

You know my view about that - it will never be the best quality if you connect the keyboard to the microphone port. If you want us to comment on the “cracks” you receive when you record into the microphone port, please attach an example WAV file of what it sounds like. Please see for how to post an audio sample.


Thank you for the help, I’ll let you know for sure what the outcome is, a cordial greeting, Henk

What else I have forgotten is that if U-phoria umc202 working properly, that the chance is very large that still crackles in the recorded music for is because the settings of my keyboard Technics sx-KN1600 for output to pc does not rank well. Also, I adjusted Equalizer but to no avail. Henk

Are you talking about repairing recordings that already have the crackle?

Have you made a recording using UMC 202 yet?

We cannot help you diagnose or repair the crackle unless you post a sample of the “cracks” so we can hear them. Select 5 seconds of the crackly recording and File > Export Selected Audio.


The sound card is by an employee of installed and all problems have been solved, with additional thanks to Gale,
with the video as an example: