connect electric guitar and keyboard

I,m just getting started so “KISS”, I would like to connect my basic keyboard with standar RCA outs to my laptop w/Audacity to compile “tracks” leading to a "composition. The same thing with my electric guitar. should I connect these two instruments individualy or combine them into a divice that then connects into into my computer. I understand that my equipment is very basic but I have what I have so I’d have to make the most of it… thanks “H” [Windows 7 home prem.]

One at a time is basic and cheap, but you do need one other device. Most Windows Laptops will not accept high-level stereo connections. We’ve been recommending a UCA-202 like this…

Oddly, even if it doesn’t have an amplifier, an electric guitar right out of the body connection has enough signal to drive a stereo connection. I measured it once to see. You may need to boost it a little.

If you have and love an amplifier, then you need some way to mic that. Then you need a quiet room, microphone amplifier and all of that. That’s when it gets complicated.


or something like this:

Do you actually have one of these? I’s $80 and not $30, but it does have that volume control on it. I need to read a bit more. That might get us out of trouble in one or two places. How do the lights act?

It’s the updated version of the USB device that waxcylinder uses.
It also has an input that is specifically designed for instruments such as electric guitars.
I don’t have one but I’ve spoken to a couple of people that do, and are happy with it.

Yup, we’ve had reports in threads on the forum that the device plays well with Audacity.