Connect a microphone directly to spekers(used in computer)

Can any one tell me how to connect a microphone and a 2.1 subwoofer (connected to computer)
so that i can use it as a loudspeaker system?
Via the computer or not through it…anything, any method…???

You mean so that you can talk into the microphone and the sound will come out through the computer speakers (like a mini PA system)?

Open the Windows Mixer, enable the microphone for both recording and playback and that’s it - but watch out for feedback (sound from the speakers being picked up by the microphone and the whole system squealing).

Thanks “stevethefiddle” but nothing is hapening.Do i need any extra software 4 dis ?if so, wat is it?

No you don’t need any software other than an operating system, sound card driver and sound card mixer application (for example the Windows Mixer). If your sound card is an on-board Sigma-Tel or RealTek HD, then you may have a bit of difficulty because of the Mixer applications that these use. Also Windows Vista may mess you around, but it should still be possible.

Why do you want to do this? There may be a better approach to the job.