Conflicting lame.dll files

I"m a newbie with Audacity, so I could use some help. My operating system is Windows 7 Professional, with SP#1 (32 bit) installed. I downloaded Audacity v 2.0.5, with the .exe installer. I saw that to export MP3 files, I needed to download and install the lame file from the website recommended by Audacity. After i did this I restarted my system and restarted Audacity, when I checked the file section of the program to see if the Export function worked, it did not. I read the information on Installation, Start up and Plug-ins, and found information on conflicting lame files. I did a search and checked my system and found the following:

The lame file from the site recommended by Audacity was listed in the correct file C:Program FilesLame for Audacity. It contained the lame_enc.dll, modification date of 12/26/11, at 412 KB, also listed was (2) identical lame.enc.dll files in NERO which I use, with Modification dates of 8/1/2012, at 365 KB.

I know there is a conflict in .dll files, so do I rename the file in the Lame for Audacity folder to save it just in case, and then copy the later version from the NERO folder, into the Lame for Audacity folder, to get it working properly.

If you have had a similar problem, and resolved it, I would like to know how.


Audacity probably won’t work properly with the Nero version.

Once Audacity has found a version that it can use it will generally continue working with it even if other versions are present.
I’d suggest that you try removing the “Lame for Audacity”, then (temporarily) rename the Nero versions of Lame, then reboot. Then (re)install the Lame for Audacity and reboot again (probably not necessary, but it may help). Then launch Audacity and check in “Edit > Preferences > Libraries” to see if Audacity has picked it up.

If it hasn’t automatically picked it up, try reinstalling Audacity and select the “Reset Preferences” option during the setup. You will need to confirm resetting preferences when you next start Audacity.

If that works, close and relaunch Audacity to ensure that it has stuck. You should then be able to rename the Nero Lame files back to their original name.