"Confirm Close" Window, and others like it:(


I like to use the keyboard allot when I’m recording with Audacaity because it speeds up allot of processes while recording multiple tracks and using mixers and mics
and such, and most of the processes in Audacity work pretty fluidly with the keyboard, for example, using the “Command” + “Shift” + “/” keys to shift focus
to the top menu when adding effects or editing tracks.

The problem I have is that after adding a track, and selecting it to procede to use the timer record function, sometimes I’ll have forgoten to adjust the levels on the mixer, or the AU, or maybe I just forgot the sticks for the drums in the other room and have to shut down the countdown on the timer record. At this point I hit
the escape key, and a window appears headed “Confirm Close.”

Maybe I’m being fastitious, but this window bugs me.

The window reads “Are you sure you wish to close?”

Most of the windows in Audacity can be manipulated via the keyboard, however this window and various other windows seem to not support this functionally.

Is there a way to change this… or possibility a work around.
I wouldn’t be against going into the code of the program to remove the safety messages such as this one that don’t have keyboard accessibility,
but I’d leave them if they could be manipulated via a keyboard:)


You don’t need to add a track. When Timer Record starts, a new track is added automatically.

In Audacity 2.2.2 the message reads “Are you sure you wish to cancel”.
The default is “No”.
Press “Tab” to move focus to “Yes” and then “Enter”
Press “Alt + Y”

On the subject “Close Window” which I posted the other day:

I’m running Audacity 2.2.2 on an Imac running Mac Os X High Sierra … I think 10.13.11…
anyways I was glad you posted an answer and immediately opened the program to test the solutions however before you had replied I had already tried the “Tab” key solution as a way to move focus to the pop-up window displaying “Do you wish to close?” with the header “Confirm Close,” at this point I tried the second solution to theproblem and attempted “Alt/Option”+“Y”… well I guess it’d be lowercase “Alt/Option”+“y”… in anycase I’ve tried both of these solutions with no result.

At this point I gave up and was about to post an unsuccessful reply when I decided to go to “Keyboard” under the System Preferences.app.
Under the Tab “Shorcuts” the App determines a long list of available shortcuts and underneath this spreadsheet is a tick-off option headed
“Full Keyboard Access: In windows and dialogs, press tab to move focus between:”
(1). Text boxes and lists only
(2). All controls ‘*Press Control+F7 to change this setting’

After changing the settings to option 2 the above solutions work, however with Mac OS X moving the focus and pressing enter doesn’t seem to work
instead you’ll need to press “Space” with the desired option.

also it seems that “Alt”+“Y” doesn’t work for Mac OS X. Although I wish it did:)

On a Mac it might be “Ctrl + y” or “Opt + Ctrl + y”.

As far as I know, having dialogs respond to keys other than ESC and ENTER is up to the application. So, for example, having a “Yes” button in a dialog respond to the “Y” key is a custom thing each application has to do.

The solution you’ve found (including controls in the tab order in dialogs) is correct. The SPACE key is used to “click” the highlighted control since ENTER is meant to always “click” the default button.

– Bill