Configure Realtek for Audacity in Linux Mint 13

Hello everyone

The first is to apologize for my English because I’m using a translator, and I do not speak or write in English.

The problem I have is that in Linux Mint card with a Realtek audio I recorded it.

The best quality I find is this, PCH HDA Intel: ALC662 Analog rev 3 (hw0.0) Front Mic: 0, but is very bad.

Can anyone help me?. S Thanks to all and I wish you good day

If the problem is on a laptop computer and the recording is done through the “Mic In” socket, then that does not surprise me at all. The mic inputs on laptops (and “on board” sound for full size PCs) are usually complete rubbish suitable only for low quality Skype and similar. This is one place that manufacturers cut corners to keep the price down (even on high-end expensive laptops). The solution is to upgrade the sound card. For laptops, USB microphones and USB audio interfaces are the usual upgrade path.

What are you trying to record?

Hi friend, thanks for answering so soon
It is an on-board Realtek card in a desktop. In Windows 7 use this program perfectly, but here in Linux, I think I have correctly configured the card.
I want to record radio programs, but with the current quality is unthinkable.
Thank you, friend. Can you think of anything?

How are you doing that?
In what way is the sound “bad”?

The volume is very low, as interference and metallic sounds. I tried it with mp3 files and the radio. What is recorded sounds very distant, almost hidden by the inherent noise of the speakers to increase volume without any sound you play.
Thank you.

There are some instructions for recording sounds that are playing through the computer here:

Hello everyone. I hope I do not spam. If so the person moderating prevent disclosure. But I do it only with the intention to help.
To solve the problem, I went to this page and thus easily solved. Thank you all.

Thanks for posting the answer in your topic in the Spanish Forum.

I think the answer is the same as .