Configure External Source


Im new here - So i would like to say hello to everyone.

My question is when i choose my input it has the line 1 and line 2 grouped together.
I tried choosing mono recording, etc.

I believe this is a windows thing bc when i use reaper it shows up as each channel individually.

I am coming in from a Soundcraft Si Impact -----> USB/MADI card (USB)

My devices that are available to play in the windows screen also group these sources together, so that is why i think t is probably a windows setting of somekind.

So if i have a mic in on 1 and a different mic on 2 Audacity wants to put them together on 1 stereo track.

I am very new to this so forgive my ignorance.

Many thanks for any advice you may be able to offer.

Thank you,

  • Aaron

It’s not unusual for a stereo system to insist on being stereo, but it’s dead easy in Audacity to split them in two for production. Drop-down menu on the left > Split to mono. In the case of a single microphone, just [X] delete the track you don’t want.

They laughed at me when I bought a mono USB microphone system …

Some systems will mount your system as a single microphone in Audacity preferences > Devices > Mono.


Reading that again, Audacity will probably treat two Mono microphones as two devices and Audacity will only deal with one device at a time.


yes i just realized that i can only record one track at a time.

Thank you for you quick responses - very much appreciated.

i am having a bit of difficulty with reaper so i wanted to see something using a different DAW - i wasn’t aware that i could only have 1 source until after i posted this.

thank you again,


Does Device Toolbar see these two mics as two separate devices? I would guess not if they are both connnected to the same USB device.

What do you want, to record two mono tracks? Try Tracks > Add New > Mono Track, Tracks > Add New > Mono Track again, SHIFT + UP arrow or CTRL + A to select both tracks, then SHIFT-click the Record button to Append-Record into those tracks. This works for some people.