Conectar Teclado

I want to connect a Casio WK 200 Keyboard to Audacity and it does not recognize me in the entry, what can I do, I work with Windows 10, in other programs I have no problems

Quiero Conectar un Teclado Casio WK 200 a Audacity y no me lo reconoce en la entrada, que puedo hacer, trabajo con Windows 10, en otros programas no tengo problemas.

How are you connected to the computer? Analog? USB? If you’re using an analog connection the keyboard’s line-outputs should be connected to line-in (blue) on a soundcard. (The microphone input on a laptop can “work” but it’s not “correct” and there are a couple of different types of 3.5mm connectors.)

in other programs I have no problems

Are you using MIDI or audio? Which one do you want?* Audacity is not a MIDI application.

It looks like the Casio USB connection works either way but you may have to configure the keyboard, or maybe install a driver (I don’t know).


  • If you don’t know the difference, MIDI sends “messages” that mean things like, “Play note C-1 at 50% volume”. Then the actual sound is generated by virtual instruments (computer software). MIDI gives you a lot more flexibility if you want to change notes & timing or change instruments after recording/capturing, etc. You can make an entire orchestral production in software even without a keyboard, but everybody who does serious work like that uses a keyboard.

If you just want to record your performance, audio is simpler.