Concertina recording

Anyone of you with experience in recording concertina on audacity?

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I guess it’s possible, but I need to tweak audacity first attempting to record.

The “audio enhancements” which strangle musical notes are not reversible in Audacity, (or any audio editor).
You have to disable those noise-reduction type recording enhancements to record music faithfully.

I have no experience with it but it shouldn’t be too hard if you have a good microphone (probably a studio condenser mic*), an interface, and a quiet studio/space… Either a studio with “dead” acoustics, or music room with good acoustics.

There’s not much to “tweak” other than adjusting the level control so you’re not clipping/distorting (keep the peak under 0dB). You don’t need a “hot” digital level. You can boost after recording but you can’t fix clipping by reducing the level after recording.

And you have to make sure Windows enhancements are not trying to “help you”.

…If you are using a USB mic or USB interface, usually the digital recording-level control doesn’t work so you have to adjust the knob on your interface or mic.

*“Large diaphragm condenser” mics are used for almost everything in pro studios. Pro stage & studio mics use a balanced XLR connection and condensers require 48V phantom power so they are not compatible with regular soundcards or the mic input on a laptop. You need a USB audio interface or mixer, etc., with a proper mic input.

Alternatively, you can use a good quality USB “podcast mic”, if you are only recording with one microphone at a time.

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