concatenating audio files

HI all, i have a house music set separated in tracks and i’d like to paste all the tracks to obtaing a single audio file, ive been investigating audacity and couldnt find an option to do so, I’ll appreciate your suggestions.



If they’re mp3 files, you’ll have to add each one to an Audacity project separately and then use the Time Shift tool to put them all in place (the Time Shift Tool is at the top of the screen, it’s looks like two arrows pointing left and right with a line connecting them in the middle).

If they’re wav files, you can do the same thing, or you can add them all in and then copy/paste each track to the end of one of the tracks. Do this by highlighting and copying the track you want (edit → copy), clicking on the track you want to paste to, clicking the fast forward button and then edit → paste.