Computer shuts down every half hour in windows 10 but not in DOS ?

Hello, I hope someone can help me with this problem that is driving me crazy and preventing me from work. I had to change my system hard drive due to hardware damage. So I got a new hard drive and installed windows 10 and all my programs. Rigth away my pc started to shut down by itself randomly, which it didn´t do before I changed the system drive. This got worse and now happens every 30 minutes or so. I suspected it was a virus or malware so I cleaned y system using malware bytes and found a few trojans and stuff. I re started and for a few hours everything was ok but then it started to shut down again. Even worse, I ran hdd regenerator and discovered that now I had damaged sectors on my drive due to the constant shut downs. The curious thing is that after many hours in DOS mode I haven´t got any shut downs. It only happens in windows. Please help me, I can´t work like this and I have pending things to do.

Thank you.

I had a machine like that. I damaged one of the connections on the motherboard and the machine was super unstable until I took it apart, found the damage, and corrected it. It’s been running perfectly ever since.

I … found a few trojans and stuff.

On a new drive? Where did you get Windows 10 from? Does everything work OK before you install “all my programs?”


The curious thing is that after many hours in DOS mode I haven´t got any shut downs.

On a completely wild guess, you have a memory issue in High Memory. DOS has no idea how to use High Memory.

I had a Memory Checker which would load and run from a floppy. So the first tiny bit of memory wouldn’t get checked (I think they had a way around that). It would cycle through all the standard memory tests: Reverse Checkerboard, Running Dog, Flash Line, etc. It would repeat if I wanted it to. Run it all night. It should do that with no/zero errors.

“The checker halted on a memory error in Bank 3, Side B, Element 2 at 3 hours and 55 minutes.”


After you have repaired any disk problems using the basic error checking tool available from windows explorer disk properties tools you should open a command prompt as administrator and run > sfc /scannow to verify and if necessary correct all the windows system files. Of course if there is an underlying hardware issue this must be corrected first.