Computer Noise is coming while Arming Recording

Please help me out I changed my PC Which had SoundMAX Digital Driver and my new PC has Realtek HD Audio Driver I don’t know if it is a fault of PC or Driver but I need to get rid of this noise quickly to continue my work! please help ASAP :exclamation:

Did you keep the old PC?

Some of that can be a bad or sloppy USB connection. I can get rid of the whine with our Mosquito Killer.

The rest of that hash is going to be up to regular noise reduction. It shouldn’t do that. From historical experiences, the only good way to permanently get rid of it is change the computer—or the connection if you can do that.

What does the rest of your system look like? USB microphone?

Did you keep the papers on your new computer?


I am using HP Elitedesk 705 G2, I am using Audio Jack Wired Microphone, it worked well with my old pc and yeah it was fine in windows 7 also but this issue is persisting in Windows 10. I had SoundMAX Audio driver which worked excellent but it was windows 7 compatible so I couldn’t install it in windows 10 :exclamation: