Computer keeps crashing after recording starts

Please help,

I have a new laptop (Lenovo ideapad S130) and have installed Audacity but it crashes (shuts down) each time I record for only a minor two

I am using a Behringer head set and have installed the driver for it and Audacity seems to be recognizing it fine. Foldback in the head phones is also sounding fine.

It might be there is not enough RAM as CPU usage goes up right as it crashes. It also says it is using 45% memory but should that mean it can still work?

Is there a way to fix this problem? Do I need a laptop with more RAM?

Thanks for your help!


Are you still using Windows 7? If so, is it the 32-bit or 64-bit version?
How much RAM does your machine have?

Which version of Audacity?

Is that during recording, or after recording?
Does Audacity stop responding entirely? If you click the Stop button, are you able to access Audacity’s menus?

it crashes (shuts down) each time I record for only a minor two

Which “it”? The computer or Audacity?

How did you get Win7 on a new machine? Do you still have your original install disks?

If you intend on producing theater work on your machine, it should have its memory maxed out. People are shocked how much room audio (and video) production takes.

Which virus protection software are you using? You can get problems like this if you’re not the only user on your machine.