compresssing mp3 file?

how do i compress any mp3 file keeping the full song!
exp: i have a mp3 file of 103 seconds duration, i want to make it run only 100 seconds but dont want to cut any part of song!! want to fasten this song little bit to let it finish exactly at 100th second instead 103 seconds!


Have a look at the effects “Change Tempo” and “Change Speed” both available from the Effects menu. One will affect the pitch too the other won’t.

Even if you end with a song of the length that you want, it’s possible you won’t like the file size. Audacity doesn’t really edit MP3 files. It converts them to a high-quality internal format and then exports a whole new MP3 when you’re done (assuming you installed the lame software).

That means you get two layers of MP3 damage. Most people find they can’t produce an MP3 the same bit rate as the old file because the music is too bubbly and honky. The file size nearly always goes up.


Change Speed by 3% (best quality but makes the pitch a bit higher as well as making the file a bit faster and quicker)
Change Tempo by 3% (pitch does not change, but slight loss in sound quality)

Yes you do. And the smaller you try to make the MP3, the worse the sound quality will be. Better to export as WAV if that is a practical option. Better still to start with a WAV rather than an MP3. WAV files are much bigger than MP3 files, but you don’t get the sound quality loss that is inherent with MP3 encoding.

many thanks all :slight_smile:)
it solved my purpose!!!