Compressor/etc. no longer assumes entire track w/out select


Just installed Audacity 2.2.1 on a new machine. Been using 2.0.2 for years, and I find the new version unfortunately has a bit of a hiccup that impedes my workflow.

For tools like the compressor (which I have mapped to hotkeys) all I have to do is apply effects and if nothing is selected, it assumes the whole track.

Or at least, it used to.

Now a horrible popup comes up asking me to use CTRL+A

Now, I realize this is a small step, but when you have do it 45 times or so, in the course of editing individual audio clips, it becomes VERY tedious.

I’ve looked and there seems to be no way documented to toggle it back to the old, quick way of doing things.

Could I possibly grab the plugin from the old version of Audacity and solve this, and would that work, or is there a more sensible way?


It’s not just the compressor. All effects require an audio selection.
Previously, Audacity would automatically select everything if there was nothing selected and you attempt to do something that requires a selection, but too many users were getting caught by unfortunate consequences of this (such as pressing the Del key with nothing selected would delete the entire project!)

The old behaviour is still available for those that want it:
Edit menu > Preferences > Tracks > Track Behaviours → “Auto-select, if selection required”

THANK YOU! I was looking for this feature and couldn’t find it. This will make my workflow a lot easier.

(As to the Del key, I’ve done that before, but a CTRL+Z quicly sets things right.) ; )

HUGE props to the Audacity team for not removing the ability to revert to old default behavior. You guys/gals are awesome.