compressor algorithm(s)?

Hi gang,

Anyone have a good reference on an algorithm to apply dynamic compression to a sound file? I used Audacity (which is great) to conceptually do what I need and now would like to write a program that could take some command line arguments or even hard coded parameters to read in a file, apply dynamic compression with it and then write it to a file.

I could go and understand the source code if needed but hope there is a little tutorial out there that could explain it quicker before I go write code!



apply dynamic compression to a sound file?

Books have been written. The problem is not how to apply compression. That’s a relatively simple math function. The problem is compressing so it sounds good. That’s where you write the books. Look-ahead attack, pumping suppression, compression recovery, etc. etc.

You might try taking Chris’ Compressor apart and see how it works. He went through all the compression theories and product sound development. He did very well, but then he lost his life license.