Compression Query

Hello all
I have just copied an audio cassette (beautiful software,perfect copy).But the tape is a C90 both sides pretty full,so about 90 mins.
A CD will only take about 80 mins so can I compress the selection by 11mins or will it need 2 CD’s
Thanx in advance


It’s 78 minutes and you need two.

Music CDs, the kind that play in your mom’s car have a time restriction, not a data restriction. It’s not quite 80 minutes. 78 is safe.

If you’re happy with an MP3 CD and you’re sure it will play everywhere you need it to, then make a DATA/MP3 CD instead. Those are almost unlimited for show length depending on how much MP3 sound damage you’re willing to endure.

Export from Audacity as WAV (not MP3) and assuming you chose 16-bit, 44100 for the sound standard, the quality will be almost identical on the Music CD.


Thank you Koz
Most helpful