Compressing with PopMute

I learned of someone who uses Steve’s PopMute effect with certain settings as a compressor for voice recordings – two or three times, alternating with amplification to a 0 dB peak.

Is this a surprising unintended use?

I use Compressor with certain settings and have been avoiding the temptation to experiment, but I may try out this curious method. Automating the repeated PopMute and amplify loop for my friend should be easy.

I am not sure what I want to listen for, to tell bad from good or very good results.

It’s an unintended use, but not hugely surprising. Users frequently find novel ways to do things. My attitude is “if it works for you, do it” :slight_smile:
My guess is that he is using it as a kind of “Limiter”.

Said she disliked what Limiter itself did.

I don’t know if she really tried out Compressor.

Then there is Chris’s which I haven’t yet tried at all. I don’t know how it surpasses Compressor.

If you mean the built-in “Leveler” effect, then I completely agree. I’ve campaigned for that effect to be replaced for years!
The problem with the built-in “Leveler” effect is that it is not really a Limiter, it is a Wave Shaper (AKA a distortion effect).

I’d suggest that she tries this Limiter:

I meant Leveler, that’s what she dislikes.

I just see the manual says “use Compressor instead” and I have never tried it.

I guessed that and followed suit in calling it “Limiter” :blush: I’ve now corrected my previous post to say “Leveler”.

The built-in “Compressor” effect is a bit quirky, (dynamic compressors frequently are), but can produce good results. You’ll need to play with it to get a feel for it, but it is reasonably well documented in the manual.

I set and forgot a while ago, now I’m learning what I do isn’t what others do. Too many options can be paralyzing!

I recall Compressed base on Peaks sounded really bad to me, but of course, in combination with what? I forget. Now I learn others do recommend that.

Compression is one affect that would greatly benefit from “real time preview” (so that you can twiddle the controls while listening).