Compressed .aup projects continuously crash when opened?

This is pretty much same across platforms, posting here as I use the Mac (El Capitan) more than the others, but exactly the same issue with Windows 10 and Ubuntu Studio, and Debian 8.

So occasionally use the compressed copy option to save a large file that I just want to keep small for transfers. I have noticed that every time the project .Aup is launched or attempt to open a compressed .aup project from “File” in Audacity, it crashes Audacity. Happens with Audacity 2.1.2 and 2.1.1 and also with recently nightly builds (debug and release versions equally). Not so much of a big deal but I don’t really like when it crashes at all. Workaround is to import the individual Ogg Vorbis files from a saved compressed .Aup data folder. Is there anything I’m missing importing this way as opposed to if I could actually get it opened by using the .Aup?

And speaking of, saw a thread on developer chat and via email regarding some possible increase in overall robustness of Audacity in regards to crashing and I can’t more enthusiastically wish whoever would do such a thing the best of results. I’ve used Audacity for years and that on any crash or debug triggering the entire app completely crashes has always been my main negative issue with Audacity. Is it absolutely necessary that the entire app go down for any and all errors? 99% of time Audacity is pretty good at recovering projects after a crash like these, but for every time one doesn’t recover correctly I ask why does it have to completely crash? Even just a message "Problem with _____, please restart Audacity. " Really anything other than complete crash so could save the file, export a .wav or mp3 or whatever.

I’m using Debian 8 with the latest “nightly” code. I’ve not yet been able to reproduce the problem.
Is the problem 100% repeatable for you?
If you try making a compressed copy of a very simple project (say, just 30 seconds of generated audio), does the crash still occur?

Well yes, if we can catch a problem, we give an error message (error handling). Crashes occur when we’ve not caught the problem.

Nearly 100% I’d say for me. Has been a very long time since any opened correctly by launching the .aup or by opening it from file menu. Every time it starts importing the Ogg Vorbis and crashes during that import. I haven’t tried it with a small file. Mine are almost always over 1 min and almost always more than 1 Ogg Vorbis track file.

Otherwise, was referencing the issues where, especially working with 3 rd party plugs, the App will just crash out after displaying some details (usually error is similar to Exec Bad Access Sigsegv Exec Corpse Notify) and will throw up a debug report, but clicking on any of the option will just crash the app. That or the app just crashes without any message whatsoever. Almost always during adding/removing effects or just working with effects. No real pattern as may only happen every once in a while with many of my well used plugins. Linux I had seen more crashes related to pressing play, record or other buttons there. I never found out what was causing the app to freeze up eventually when running on Ubuntu STudio 16.04.

Purging Audacity and reinstalling from source didnt fix the issue with that one. Just did a clean reinstall of 16.04 Ubuntu Studio but haven’t tested Audacity again yet since reinstall.

I think at least some of that is due to Audacity/PulseAudio interactions Missing features - Audacity Support.


Can you save a short compressed project. Close the project. Create a new folder and copy the AUP file and _data folder of the saved project into the new folder.

Open the original saved compressed project (not the copy). If it crashes, please make a ZIP file of the AUP file and _data folder that are in the new folder and upload the ZIP somewhere we can download it.

If the ZIP is under 2 MB you can attach it here.