Compose key inoperative in Audacity only

OpenSUSE Leap 42.3 x86_64, kernel 4.4.155-68.1-default
Audacity 2.2.2-16.51-x86_64 (Packman repository)
Standard keyboard, German layout

I have configured the right Windows key as Compose key for entering French accented characters.
This works fine everywhere except in Audacity.

In Audacity, specifically while entering a text mark, the Compose key is simply ignored.
So typing for example Win - ´ - e results in ´e instead of é.
If I type the same key sequence outside Audacity (for example in a console window) the é appears correctly.
I can then copy it to the clipboard and insert it in Audacity via right click - Paste.
(Just selecting it with the mouse and trying to paste it into Audacity from the X selection buffer via middle click doesn’t work, though.)
So Audacity is able to accept and render the é - it just won’t let me enter it through the keyboard.

I have repeated the Compose key configuration and also tried a different key without success.

What am I doing wrong?

This sounds like this known issue:

I suspect that the problem is a limitation of WxWidgets “wxKeyEvent” handling.

Currently the best workaround is what you are already doing - type the text somewhere else and then copy and paste.

If you are producing a lot of labels, it may be easier to create “place holder” (empty) labels in Audacity, then export the labels, edit in another application (such as LibreOffice or a text editor), then import them back into Audacity. Some info about importing / exporting labels here: