Compling a string of mp3's into one

Hi. I have been having difficulty doing what should be simple and cannot find an answer here. Maybe I am using the wrong search terms.

I want to join many 1-2 minute mp3 recordings consequatively into one long MP3. Some of the mp3’s will be repeated.
Every thing I tried so far opens separate mp3’s that play over each other.

For instance if I have MP3’s ; A B C D E F G H I AND J
I want to make “A B A C A D A E A F A G A H A I A J” AND CALL THE WHOLE THING “K” can it be done with this software?

All you need to do is to move your cursor to the end of the track(s) before importing the next one - tip: use the double-headed right-facing arrow icon that looks like the FF on tape decks/VHS/CD players. If you then import the next track will be after the other(s). Repeat.

Or: you can select tracks and slide them around in time with the Time-Shift tool - the icon with the horizontal blue line with arrow heads at each end.

Then once you have it all lined up correctly, Export the project as MP3 (be aware thatyou will lose a little audio qualitty as the MP3s that you imported were already compressed and you will be applying MP3 compression again).


I tried and tried. Every time I add a mp3 it shows up as a bar under the first mp3. I put 6 together and exported them but when I played the result, all 6 mp3’s played at the same time.
Actually I think I may have done it correctly now but it has taken over an hour to export my 55 minute creation so far and still a long way to go.

Does this sound right?

In which case, you will need to select each track in turn and use the Time-Shift tool to slide it into position - and then do the export.


Well, I was working with Sound Forge program and I think it is possible to compile a string of mp3’s into one with this program.

Select track 2 (click near the track name)
Press Ctrl+C
Select Track 1
Press the End key
Press Ctrl+V
Delete track 2 (click on the X in the corner of the track)
Repeat for each track.
Do not try to mix mono and stereo tracks, this will not work.

By the time you get down to track 10 you will be doing it in about 5 seconds per track.