Complicated-Audio File not working on Chrome

I’m not sure where (which category) to post this. My computer is Windows 7 so I’m trying this first.

I have put a WMA audio file on my website. It is on this page:
If allowed, this file will play on Firefox and Internet Explorer. The name of the file is Aztec Eagle. It is found on the left side of the page about halfway down in a brown box (a list of songs) bellow box at top and a then a red box.

However, it will not play on Chrome. Chrome says plug-in is not supported.

My question is: First, can I convert this WMA file to a different type of file that might pay on Chrome? If I can, what type of files can someone suggest that I try?
If I get an answer to this question, I will have other questions about it so as to proceed with the process.

Windows Media Audio is a proprietary format. Most people use MP3. Those play anywhere.

You are warned that Both Windows Media and MP3 are end-path formats. They are designed to be the last step in a production process. There is no “open an MP3 or WMA and use it for production (or conversion)” without some sound damage. Always go back to the original uncompressed WAV or other high quality format master.

There are some editors that allow simple cuts and edits without damage, but anything over that, like noise reduction , equalization or conversion reduces the sound quality.


This file needs the Windows Media browser extension so that it can be played in Internet Explorer. It won’t play in either Chrome or Firefox which do not support this plug-in.

Chrome will automatically download the file if you go to

17_-_Aztec_Eagle_17.WMA can be opened in Audacity and exported to any of the audio formats supported by Audacity.

So anybody that opens this file is going to have work to do.

Don’t know about yours but on my computer, the file opens in Firefox and IE. It doesn’t open in Chrome. It can be downloaded and then played with other players but I’m trying to spare my viewers that trouble……………in Chrome.

This file did not open in I.E. until I had agreed to the installation of the relevant plug-in.

With Firefox, and on systems beyond XP, this same file can only be played if the “Windows Media plugin” has been manually installed. Have a look at Play Windows Media files in Firefox with the Windows Media plugin. Here is from that page:

To play Windows Media in Firefox, you need the Windows Media Player browser plugin installed. There are two different versions:
The original, which is usually included with Windows up until XP.
The new version, specifically developed for Windows XP and above, which is only available by download.

With Chrome, people would normally need to have installed the Windows Media Player HTML5 Extension For Chrome. But this extension is no longer supported by Chrome (it is deprecated). Have a look at Windows Media Player HTML5 Extension for Chrome

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