Completing audacity installation from source

Hi there. I’ve just built audacity from source on ubuntu 18.04.5 since the offical repo is not up to date with the latest version.
I’d like to use the offline manual, but can’t work out where it goes. I tried /usr/share/audacity and /usr/local/share/audacity and it is not found in either place. It is not at all clear to me having gotten this far (audacity works fine) how to complete the installation including the offline manual.
This does not appear to be a FAQ so any guidance here gratefully accepted!


If you built Audacity with the default target directories, the correct location for the manual is in:

If you have the manual ZIP folder on your Desktop, you can install it to the correct place with:

~/Desktop/ -d /usr/local/share/audacity/

(See also: Unzipping the Manual - Audacity Manual)