Completely freeze and no respond at all

Widow 10
Audacity version - 3.0.2 (using Japanese)

When I try to save, the cursor changes “I”, but then the whole site freezes and no response - cannot move anything.
I have deleted the whole Audacity system from my laptop and tried again many times, but it is always the same as if it stuck totally.

First time this happened was when I was using Audacity, but had to stop in the middle, and I guess the laptop shut down before Audacity was finished. The next time I wanted to use it, a sign appeared to say that “it wasn’t saved correctly” and gave me the option to “recover” or “delete”. I have tried to click at different times both “delete” or “save”, and closed Audacity, or whatever I have done, always come up with the same sign and do not move at all.

How many times have I deleted the whole Audacity from my laptop, when I download it again, the same sign comes up, and I click “delete”, close Audacity, and start again. I can do up to “Save”, then get stuck. My cursor “I” would not change and the whole system would freeze and I cannot even “Close Audacity”. So, I have to force my laptop to shut down.

I simply cannot use Audacity at all. Please help!

This is due to a bug in a Windows update: KB4564002: You might have issues on Windows 10, version 20H2 and Windows 10, version 2004 when using some Microsoft IMEs - Microsoft Support