Completely baffled by the Audacity 2.2.2 software

I started all this by purchasing an audio-technica turntable to hook to my Mac with the purpose of recording albums that I would be trading out from my collection. The turntable came with audacity software(which was the old version and I updated it) and without the capability of generating a MP3(which I resolved with LAME) The turntable also came with a great book with screen shots showing what settings to use under Preferences. Of course this book was printed in 2011 and there have been 3+ operating system upgrades since then so it was no help. All I want to do is make a good recording, convert it to MP3 format and be able to create a file with the name of the album and the songs listed below. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME … PLEASE!

In Audacity, under the Help menu, is Manual. Selecting that will take you to your local copy of the current manual (no internet connection needed).

On the front page of the manual, under Tutorials, click on Copying tapes, LPs and other media to CD or computer.

– Bill

We recomment strongly not to use MP3 for archive or audio production. MP3 causes background audio distortion which isn’t a big deal until you need to do production or editing with the music. Do you make playlists? Then the playlists are going to have double MP3 distortion and you may be able to hear the compression damage.

The recommendation is Export the work as perfect quality WAV (Microsoft) and use that for your archive. The files will be very much larger because they’re not missing any quality.

For “real” archive work, keep the WAV files in two different places.