Complete novice! Trying to record multiple Mics to Audacity from EVO 8

Hi, I have an Audient EVO 8 which has 4 Mic Jacks, but Audacity will only recognise 2 at any one time; either lines 1/2 or lines 3/4. If I plug a Mic into 1 & 3, it only picks up 1 of them. I want to record with 3 Mics for a Podcast. I don’t know if the issue is with Audacity or EVO 8. Appreciate any help.

A lot of people have trouble multitrack recording with Audacity. :frowning: But there is some information here in the manual.

Your interface should have come with a lite version of Cubase which is designed for multitrack recording & mixing.

Hi DVDdoug - Thanks for your response and link to the manual. Unfortunately, being the novice that I am, I don’t understand the manual. It appears it requires a minimum level of knowledge that I simply don’t have.

It recommends selecting the channels in the audio settings, but I only have the option of Mono or Stereo - it goes on to say that some audio interfaces will display a “Multi” device. From this I’m guessing the issue is with my Audient EVO 8, even though it has the capacity for 4 MIcs. Is this where Cubase comes in?